After reading from the textbook and some materials, I have some ideas about how to “sell yourself” to others. Then I began to write this paper to summary what I have already learned from this course and what I am still lacking. As we all know, it is difficult to understand about yourself and then make others know your personalities. However, if I want to be successful for my career and other aspects, I think I need to complete this paper to find out myself.

Table of contents

Executive Summary. 5

  1. Introduction. 6

1.1 Purpose of the paper 6

1.2 Scope of Paper 6

  1. Paper Content 6

2.1 A Successful Life. 6

2.1.1 KNOWING (Mission) 7

2.1.2 GROWING (Strategy) 7

2.1.3 SOWING(Vision) 8

2.2 A Brief Self-Inventory. 8

2.2.1 Success in the Physical World -Body. 9

2.2.2 Success in the Mental World – Mind. 9

2.2.3 Success in Social/Emotional World – Heart 10

2.2.4 Success in Spiritual World – Soul 10

  1. Body. 11

3.1 Step # 1: Professional Management 11

3.2 Step # 2: Personal Management 11

3.3 Step # 3: Product/Service Management 11

3.4 Step # 4: Customer Management 12

3.5 Step # 5: Presentation Management 12

3.6 Step # 6: After-Sale Management 13

3.7 Step # 7: Metrics and Evaluation Management 13

3.8 Step # 8: Continuous Quality Improvement Management 14

  1. Summary of Paper 14
  2. References & Citations. 15



Executive Summary

In this paper, the readers can know more information about what my dreams are; what I am going to do. They also can know some other more deeply thoughts of myself. In which, the readers can know my personalities, strengths, weakness etc. The readers also can read my thoughts about how to I am try to present myself to others in the future career and the specific steps.


1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose of the paper

By the September of 2014, I began to learn this course-Hospitality Sales Management, which is an important course for this major. And also this is last year of my college life, so I have a different kind of feelings in this year. I think more about more career than the last three years. I write this paper is not only because of the requirements of the class, but also because of my own growth and understanding of myself, which is very important for my life and future career. Therefore, this paper is writing for my professor and myself. By this exercise, I hope that I can know more about my strength and weakness. For the weakness of myself, I need to practice more in the rest of my life.

1.2 Scope of Paper

For the above purpose, this paper is going to cover two big parts about how I can live my life and achieve Success. The other part is the dimensions of Life.

2.    Paper Content

2.1 A Successful Life

In this part, the paper is going to express my self-evaluation for two aspects which are A Successful Life and Dimensions of Life What is success? This is a very old topic since the definition of the success varies from people to people in the history. However, this is still no certain definition of success. So I will illustrate my understanding of success by three parts including Knowing, Growing, and Sowing.

2.1.1 KNOWING (Mission)

Mission: Life is a short time in the history, so I want to cherish my own life and make it more valuable. I want to make some money and then I will use it to help others who need help such as the disable, children without parents. We live in the earth is not only for ourselves, but also for our parents, friends and other strangers. If I am not alive one day, I think I will miss what I have not done.

2.1.2 GROWING (Strategy)

Potentials: Knowing more about this industry, I believe I can do more than others. In addition, I always love what I have chosen, which can help me insist on my purpose. Additionally, I think it is necessary to learn in some famous hotels and some outstanding persons to practice my potential abilities. I can speak Korean, Chinese and English fluently, which can provide me more opportunities.

Characteristics: Confidence is one of my characteristics and this helps me a lot in my life. I think people should be confident in what they have and admit what they are lack of. Only for this, they can improve themselves in their life. And also I am an optimistic and open-minded person, which can help me go through some difficult times and get on well with others.

Strengths: I am also good at managing things, which is difficult for others. I am not afraid of speaking in front of many people, which I think is strength for my career. In addition, I am a decisive person, so I always do not hesitate on something and make quickly decisions one some special occasions.

Weaknesses: Carelessness is the biggest weakness of me. Sometimes, I cannot remember he details of some items. In order to improve this aspect, I am looking forward for some training to practice this weakness. In addition, I am not good at learning from others’ suggestions, so I need to overcome this weakness.

2.1.3 SOWING (Vision)

Many famous leaders and managers like to sow their success in their life. Most of them like to write books when they achieve the success of their career. I believe this is a proper method to sow their outstanding thoughts to offspring’s which they once have left for the earth. For me, I think I want to take part in some activities such as the environmental protection organization, animal protection organization, etc. The customers or constituents that I want to serve in my life are the people or the organizations that need help. From these activities, I can help others and develop of myself to make my life more valuable.

2.2 A Brief Self-Inventory

To address when we talk about Knowing/Growing and Sowing, we need to consider dimensions of life. Success is achieved through Balance in four major areas of your life.

2.2.1 Success in the Physical World -Body

Health: For everyone, health is the core of everything. So I need always pay attention to my health, which is connected with a healthy life habit. However, my life habit is not very healthy. I am used to stay up late and wake up late when I do not have class. I addition, I also like to eat spicy food. In order to have a health body, I think that I need to change my living habits and consist on the living habits.

Finances are basic factors for everyone since it can make sure that you have the necessary things to live on. I always have a good plan on my finances. I think this can make full use of my money and no waste.

Living Environment has a big impact on one’s all life. For this, I must choose to live with some optimistic persons.

Meaningful Life’s Work: This is an important topic for me. In order to do what I want to do, I must make my life work meaningful. Meaningful Life’s Work can tell someone that how I have ever existed in this world when my lives end.

2.2.2 Success in the Mental World – Mind

I believe that I am a continuous and lifelong learner. There is an old saying: “never too old to learn”. There always are new things come into being, if I cannot keep up with these new things, I will be eliminated by this world. In fact, I am curious about the world, there still are wars in some places, where people are still suffering from starvation and death. Therefore, I want to help those kinds of people.

2.2.3 Success in Social/Emotional World – Heart

Since I am an outgoing person, I like to makes friends with others. As a result, I have effective relationships with significant others, family and business associates. I believe it is impossible for me or others to have no relationships with others. Especially, in order to be a successful man, it is important for me to have Effective relationships with significant others in this world. I prefer to offer help to these constituents to develop an attitude of kindness and compassion for these in my life.

2.2.4 Success in Spiritual World – Soul

Frankly speaking, I have considered about these questions seriously. I do not think that I come from the god; however, I think I am the same as the common animals in the world. The answer is I come from the nature as other animals. So I have many relationships with the living creatures. I am a common person. The purpose for being alive is to achieve my dreams. I do not know if my thoughts can affect more people around me when my work finished in this world. However, I will still try hard to help others and affect others to help more people. I will travel around the world after I have finished my life’s work, because I want to see more beautiful things in this world. I have never thought about these universal questions asked by all humankind past, present and future. People’s life consists of these three parts, but I think the most important one is present.

3.    Body

In this part, I will use the Consultative Selling Model to expand, even more, on some of the general themes more briefly mentioned above.

3.1 Step # 1: Professional Management

Basing one my characteristics and strength, I choose to the area of management of hospitality. This also should “continuously” be developing within myself. I am preparing this for my future career.

3.2 Step # 2: Personal Management

I believe that emotional quality is as important as the intellectual talents. For the management, it is necessary for me to balance my intellectual talents with your emotional make-up. Emotional quality and intellectual talents are basic factors for successful man. Most successful people have a common characteristic: FOCUS and PERSISTENCE. This teaches me that once I make a decision to do something, I need to focus on and have persistence on the decision.

3.3 Step # 3: Product/Service Management

Human resource has already become an important factor for the world development (Alan, 2010). So in the economic workplace, I will be regarded as an important asset, which can provide services for consumers.

Production Capability (PC) refers to communication and contribution skills of me in companies. So I need to practice these two skills to present the PC. Production (P) refers to what results or outcomes I achieve using my Production Capability. As a result, I need to balance the capability and production developments (Alan, 2010).

3.4 Step # 4: Customer Management

Today’s consumers are asking high quality service, which require no mistakes. With this high quality service, I can keep long-term relationships with them, which can bring benefits for the company. For this purpose, I need to know more about the customer management. For example, what they want? How to communicate well with them? How to serve them with their unreasonable requirements?

3.5 Step # 5: Presentation Management

Preparation: This is the first thing that I need to do if I am a salesperson. I should present myself, my ideas to influence my consumers to make them believe me. Before presenting myself to consumers, I need to do some minimal “research” to know different kinds of people. With this information, I will know better of how to present myself more successfully.

Relationship Building: This is the second stage of selling. In this stage, I need to create conducive relationships with consumers. I believe if I have done well in the presentation stage, the consumers will trust me. Then the relationship is built.

Needs Discovery: by the relationship building stage, they will trust me. As a result, the consumers will talk more with me. During this stage, I can find out their real needs and then I can know how to motivate them.

Service Matching: If I can find out what the consumers need, I will provide them the rights to match their real needs. Finally, I believe this will be a successful service Matching. If I am experienced enough, I believe I can “add-value” to ALL of your customer relationships.

Negotiating:  The “win/win” solutions to differences between yourself and your customers are the best result of selling. In order to achieve this stage, I need to have much experience.

Commitment: It is necessary to seek definite commitments when you present my ideas, which is good for me to build long–term relationship with consumers. In addition, I do not consider it too “pushy” to ask for what I need or deserve from the negotiation.

3.6 Step # 6: After-Sale Management

After-sale-management is one step to enhance long–term relationship with consumers (John, 2012). I think this is a necessary step for high quality products and service. Therefore, I like to do the minimum. I would like to provide the consumers some extra service if they need.

3.7 Step # 7: Metrics and Evaluation Management

Metrics and Evaluation Management is the methods which can help me to evaluate what I have got from this selling process and lack in this process. This is not only good for my job, but also my career. I would like to periodically attempt to measure in any way how I am progressing in your career.

3.8 Step # 8: Continuous Quality Improvement Management

Metrics and Evaluation Management can help me improve myself. If I fail to reach the goal, I will go back to the evaluation to find out the problems with me or the work (John, 2012). If I find out the problems, I would like to correct and improve so that your performance will continually improve. I will do this in all of my life to improve myself.

4.    Summary of Paper

I must always use my dreams of helping others to motivate me to study and work hard. In addition, I should have personal responsibility to be actively manager. To reach these goals, I need to deprive more from myself. I need to develop my strengths and overcome the weakness. The people who I work with will affect me to have a successful personal and professional career. Furthermore, the Consultative Selling Model is a good choice for me to learn in my future career. Finally, I think this exercise is very vital for me, since it make me think deeply about myself. By this paper, I know myself better than before. I begin to accept my weakness and try to overcome this weakness in the rest time. Therefore, I think it is valuable to do this exercise.