The purpose of this memo is to analyze two kinds of leadership styles by my own experiences and indicate the proper leading methods for the organizational management.


In the next part, I will discuss two examples of my own experiences, including leadership styles of a best supervisor and worst supervisor. The basic information about these two leadership styles will also be analyzed. Finally, I will give some recommendations and conclude this memo.


Best supervisor

The democratic or participative leadership style is formed of the leader sharing the decision-making abilities with group members by promoting the interests of the group members and by practicing social equality.

When it is related to this kind of leadership, I remember one of my favorite teachers, Bob, who is one of my high school teacher and he teaches us history. I think that his teaching style is belonging to participative or democratic style. He always asks us if we have some suggestions for this teaching style and content so that he can improve his teaching quality. This teaching method is supported by many of my classmates at that time. In addition, when we need to do some decisions about teamwork, he also considers about the members’ ideas.

Worst supervisor

I think that leaders should have some powers to make the decisions, but it doesn’t mean that they do not need to listen to the suggestions of their group members. The autocratic leadership style indicates that the leader has the all decision-making powers. Under this leadership, leaders do not want to adopt any suggestions or initiatives from subordinates. In some aspects, this style of leader can be successful to offer strong motivation to the manager.

Once upon a time, I had an internship in a company. The leader in the sales department is a total autocratic leadership style. He never adopts suggestions or advice from his members, because he thinks it is no need to make decisions with others. In fact, there are no group members like him.


It is mentioned in the above part that only one leadership style cannot satisfy the modern management. So it is necessary for the managers or leaders to use the combination of the leadership style to improve their management of organization. After learning this course, I think that leaders should adopt the combination with several leadership styles to lead his subordinates. By this way, they can improve the quality and workforce greatly. The democratic leadership style will become popular in the organizational management. However, as leaders, they also need to use the autocratic leadership style to make decision quality at some special occasions. Therefore, the above two experiences of mine indicate that one style of leadership cannot suit for organization development.