In the past few decades, the way people shop has changed dramatically. This is based on technological developments. As a result, more customers shop via the internet. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of physical shopping and online shopping, people are facing the problems of how to make a decision. This paper will summarize three studies on different aspects of online and store shopping.

The report, which was written by the Commission Staff Working Document in 2009, is named Report on cross-border e-commerce in the EU. This report is trying to identify e-commerce trends and potential cross-border obstacles in order toanalyze the direction that cross-border e-commerce is taking in the EU. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to study the gap between domestic and cross-border online shopping. From the study, we can learn the trend of the online shopping, which has become an international trend. However, there is still a problem which is the trade obstacles. Another obstacle is the different language. For instance, 33% of EU consumers want to buy products and services in another language, while 59% of retailers are willing to carry out transactions in more than one language. As a result, it is difficult for consumers to get information another country, which is a potential problem that online shopping will meet in the near future.

Therefore, solutions for these problems include streamline regulatory hurdles that appear unfair and unjustifiable to consumers on a national level. Additionally, it is necessary to promote online shopping trust by putting speedy dispute solution.

The second article was published by Enrique Bigne, Carla Ruiz&Silvia Sanz in 2005, and it is titled “The impact of Internet user shopping patterns and demographics on consumer mobile buying behavior.”It appeared in the Journal of Electronic Commerce Research. Considering the technological development, such as the wireless internet via mobile devices, has lead the world into another spectrum business and life activities. With these developments, the mobile-phone commercebecomes a new method for consumers to conduct theirdaily business. The mobile usage has increased in recent years, which is a good example to show the significance and the opportunities for new sale channels. The purpose of this study is to show how importance the mobile-phone commerce takes part in people’s daily life.

In order to achieve this purpose, this paper has two parts including: firstly, theoretical incontent, includes qualitative research, in-home shopping literature review and developing of the workinghypotheses; secondly, the methodology is conducted on the empirical study which was done on a representative sample of 2,104 Spanish Internetusers and the data analysis.

From this paper, we can realize the purchase decision using the mobile phone. In addition, the mobile phone is a new businesschannel. It is very convenient to conductthe message recipient which can be contacted during leisure timesand at times and in situations where it would not be possible to reach him with other methods. Therefore, mobile phone commerce will take a significant part in online shopping.

Ming-Hsiung Hsiao published a report in 2008, named “Shopping mode choice: Physical store shopping versus e-shopping, “in Transportation Research Part E to study how people make a choice when they are facing online and store shopping. For this paper, we should come to this study, which aims to find out how customers evaluate the time when they are facing a shopping choice mode betweenonline shopping and physical shopping. For this paper, this paper has studied the data on consumers’ choice between physical bookstore shopping and online bookstore shopping.

The primary findings of this study is the fulfillment of an applicable methodology of shopping modes, time and cost, betweenonline shopping and store shopping. It is true that customer’ considerations in not only about time and cost. Information uncertainty and transaction security have been widely discussed in this study, which is also playing an important role in dominating the customers’ online shopping behavior. From this study, as ICT continues to advance, there still is a great extent improving both in quantity and quality in the near future of online shopping. In addition, is also indicated that the travel time and cost about physical store shopping, and delivery cost of online shopping will ever exist. However, the value of product delivery time seems to highly connect with the types of products consumer purchasing.

This paper had summarized three studies that are about the online shopping and physical shopping. The first one is about the e-commerce trends and potential cross-border obstacles in international trade. It also provides some solutions for the potential cross-border obstacles, which can guide some business to conduct these obstacles. The second one discussed about new online-shopping pattern-mobile phone commerce, which can conduct people’s daily life more convenient. This is also a new pattern of online shopping. At last, the third one discussed about the problems consumers will face when they are purchasing goods or services-online shopping and physical shopping. The paper also provides some methods for consumers to make decisions.