1. My career goal and expectation

My career goal in life is to open a small manicure shop when I am graduated and then I want to expand the small manicure shop into Manicure chain salons in Sydney and then in the world. Next, I want to set up my own restaurant and buy an island. In this island, I plan to build a holiday resort. When I become old, I can take my friends there and open parties with them on this island. I think it will be a wonderful time to enjoy my rest of life on luxury cruise ship with hula beauty.

  1. The interviewee

Ma interviewee’s name is Salina. She is a nail artist in a famous manicure salon in Sydney. She has worked for six years as a nail artist. She told me that her dream is she wants to open her own manicure salon one day in Sydney. In order to achieve this dream, she works very hard to improve her skills and design unique styles for consumers. In addition, she always tries to learn different areas to inspire her thoughts about the nail art.

  1. Learning experiences

During the interview, Salina told me about her work experience, dreams and challenges about her work. For instance, she always surfs on the internet such as YouTube, manicure magazine and some pictures to get inspiration to design better nails for customers. This is because that she wants to improve herself and the quality of her design. In addition, she always practices her skills on fake nails to improve her design. Although she has failed so many times, she said she never think about giving up this work since she loves it.

  1. My expectations compared with my interviewee’s experience

After the interview, I begin to understand deeply about the nail artists. Salina’s experience teaches me that I will meet too many issues and obstacle in the road to fulfill my expectations. By comparing her experience with my expectations, I found that I have neglected some the difficulties in achieving my dreams. I have realized that if I want to achieve my dreams, I need to devote all of my life to do this. However, I am interested in what I have chooses, so I willing to spend all my life to realize my expectations.

  1. Change in my goals an expectations

When I am writing this summary, I begin to think more clearly about my expectations after knowing the significance of this interview. My life goals and expectations have not changed with this interview. Additionally, I have learned how to prepare well for my goals and expectations at present. Now, I need to improve my abilities and I believe I can deal well with all the challenges of my life goals. Although I will encounter some difficult situations when I am achieving my life goals, I can handle these situations with my strong spirit since I do believe that: “there is a will, there is a way”. Therefore, nothing can stop me achieving my career goals.