To find more professional interior information of this field, I made a research on Google to find some creative nail artists. Then I did a normal research on local nail salon to find a nail artist who is regarded a good nail artist by consumers. Finally, I found Aimee, and then I found her e-mail address on the website of Beauty Express Pty. Ltd. I send an e-mail to tell her that I want to have an interview to know some more information about her. She said that she will arrange time for me. The interviewee is about a nail technician, Aimee, in Beauty Express Pty. Ltd, which is one of famous nail salon in New South Wales of Sydney. Aimee has worked in this nail salon for three years and she has widespread experience of designing different beautiful nails for consumers.

The interviewee:

The reason why I have chosen her as my interviewer is that she has talent to design wonderful nails to attract customers. She has done this work for nearly six years. The most thing he had moved me was that she told me she loves her job since she feel great to design nails for people. Until now, she has many repeat consumers. In addition, she told me that her dream is she can be as famous as Charlotte Knight to have her own nail brand-Ciate’s (Hayley Bennett, 2013). At the beginning, she thought this is a great art work to design beautiful nails for people, gradually, she found there are too much things need to be learnt to be a famous and skilled nail artists. However, she thinks that she can overcome these difficulties and then become a famous nail artist since she enjoys the satisfactions when consumers like her nail design.

Aimee always goes to the nature and art exhibition to get inspiration to design better nails for customers. Furthermore, she thinks that beautiful nails are as important as fashion clothing for people, which is the point why she likes most about the nails. She added that diligence is another factor to become a famous nail artist. When I asked her the question: how do you draw intricate pictures on nails? She answered me that she did not think that draw intricate pictures on nails is an intricate thing, conversely, she enjoys the whole procedure. I think this is the greatness of passion. Once people love something to achieve, they are more likely to put all lf their passion into these things. She also indicates that “Practice makes perfect!” she also experiment a lot on fake nails and my friends. During the interview, I asked her to teach me he easiest nail art design people can do at home. Aimee told that easier designs are the more abstract ones such as Florals, ombré, spots, animal prints (Hayley Bennett, 2013). I think that everyone has different opinion about the trend of this industry. As Aimee indicates in this interview, the Manicure industry will be a popular industry since more and more women begin to focus on their appearance which includes their nails.

Question list

  1. How did you start working in the nail industry?
  2. What do you enjoy most about your nail technician career?
  3. Where do you get your inspiration from?
  4. What do you like most about the nails?
  5. What has been your personal key to success?
  6. What are some of your personal and/or professional goals for the future?
  7. How do you draw intricate pictures on nails?
  8. What’s the easiest nail art design we can do at home?
  9. What do you regard yourself, a nail technician or nail artist?
  10. What do you think about the trend of this industry?