In order to study more about the topic of Differences between Online Shopping and Store Shopping, I made an interview with one of my friends, named Jaz Hu. He is my last term teaching assistant of computer science 235. After finishing that course, we become friends. Since he knows much about the internet and online shopping, I made this interview with him so that I can know more about the difference about online shopping and store shopping. In addition, he is very interested in electronic commerce, so he would like to talk about this topic with me.

This interview took place at his home in the afternoon of last Saturday. He talked his own ideas about the future development of electronic commerce with his own understanding. He said although there still are some issues with the online shopping, he believes the online shopping will play an more and more important role in people’s daily life all over the world. However, he also indicates that the online shopping cannot take the place of store shopping in any time. With these ideas, he likes to answer my questions to help me know much about the online shopping.

Firstly, when I asked him what kind of things he likes to shop online, he said that nearly all things. This answer really surprised me. He indicates that the online shopping is so development, which can make his life more convenient than before. I asked him how you can figure out the fake items you want to purchase. He told me reputation is the most important factor that the businessmen should have. If they did have the reputation, their business will fail so quickly. When you need to buy something online, you need to choose some online stores, which have good reputation. As a result, it will be impossible for these online stores to sell fake commodities. Then he told me that the online shopping can make people’s life become convenient, so they do not need to drive files away to buy the things they need. They only things they need to do is sitting at home and clicking on the mouse, which can save a lot of time to do some meaningful things for their life. When I heard this, I think that Jaz is people who can utilize the online shopping better to make his life become convenient and quality.

I asked: “Do you think that all people have had the same thoughts that online shopping will take the place of the store shopping, as a result, the store shopping will become less important in people’s daily life?” For this question, he answered that he did not think that all people could understand and utilize the internet as himself, so he thought that the online shopping could not take the place of the store shopping in common people’s daily life. He added that if the common people can use the online shopping properly, the online shopping can save some money and make their life convenient.

He also indicated the biggest differences between the online shopping and store shopping is the price and quality. People can purchase commodities at lower price than store shopping. However, the quality of the online shopping cannot be guaranteed as the store shopping. In addition, the after-sale service of online shopping is not as good as the store shopping. For example, when you bought a printer from another state which is far away from your state, then you found it cannot work. Therefore, you needed call the after-sale service for help, but you found it is so difficult to contact with the related person. However, the after-sale service of store shopping will be easier than online shopping.

At the end of the interview, I asked Jaz to give people who are not so familiar with online shopping some advice so that they can purchase proper items online shopping. He told that they needed to find out a shop or website which has good credit and evaluation. Then they needed to compare the items in different online stores. They also should not buy the cheapest, but buy the one in proper price and quality. Finally, they also need to choose one online store with better after-sale service. Most of online stores have provided consumers with good after-sale service.

This interview took us two hours to finish all of the questions I prepared. I think this interview help me understand more about the online stores, which I have never known before. Additionally, this interview also can make me realize more about the differences between the online shopping and store shopping, which will help me to explore this topic more deeply than before