Every day I can receive several advertisements which are to promote different products in my email box. If I have time, I will read the messages to see if there is some useful information for me. Frankly speaking, I have never focused on much of the magazines and the rankings themselves with the news reports they generate. I just regard this kind of advertisement as the traditional one. However, when I am studying the course in this semester, I begin to know the powerful functions of Integrated Marketing Communication better.

As we learnt in the class, Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is the application of consistent brand messaging across both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels to use various promotional methods to reinforce each other. This new marketing channel has more functions than the traditional marketing channels. When the students receive the message, it will affect various stakeholders. From my point of view, the Integrated Marketing Communication can also benefit more stakeholders such as the consumers, administrators at schools, magazine owners, the rankings themselves, etc. As a result, business is more likely to choose this kind of marketing channel to promote their products and affect the potential stakeholders.

In fact, I have also been affected by the Integrated Marketing Communication for me to make a decision to attend Purdue. As I have learnt more about IMC, I begin to believe that this different adverting method will affect more stakeholders with its integrated information in the coming years. Therefore, I think it will be useful to learn this course for my further career.