Some consumers choose to buy their commodities online because they think that the online shopping is cheaper than the store shopping. However, some consumers choose to shop their commodities in the stores since they think the quality of online shopping cannot be guaranteed. Online shopping become more and more popular in today’s shopping market, so this is an important and interesting topic for consumers to know why they choose online shopping or store shopping. Therefore, this essay will discuss about the differences between online shopping and store shopping.


It is really convenient to shop online since every make and model is at your fingertips without having to drive miles to find it. At most of the time, the price of online products are cheaper than store shopping since they don’t have the overhead of renting a pad in a strip mall, high electric bills, and a staff of sales people. No wander; this is a main reason why most consumers choose to shop online rather than shop in stores rather than shop in real stores. Although there is discount in the real stores, but the price are still higher than online shopping. Therefore, considering the price and time, the online shopping is a better choice for consumers. I remembered that I bought a printer online in a lower price in Amazon. The price is much lower than in the real stores. Additionally, the quality and other features of the printer is the same as in the real stores. This is a pleasant experience of my online shopping.

However, I also have several failure experiences of online shopping. One day I bought a pair of trousers, which is very fashion with the style in my size, online, but when I received it three days later, I found that the fabrics of the trousers was poor with its quality. Since the price of the trousers was not expensive, I didn’t want to waste time to return it. This is the disadvantage of online shopping since I only can see the description of the products without to touch them.

In the real stores, consumers can see clearly and touch the products, while it is difficult for consumers to touch the products which they are shopping online. This reason may lead the consumers to buy some unqualified products, which cost lost of themselves. In addition, this failure experience teaches me that the quality of online shopping cannot be guaranteed. If I have time I will go to the real store to shop rather than surf online to shop for some products.

Another difference between shopping online and store shopping is the limitation of places. When consumers are shopping online, they can buy products from everywhere the products are locating. However, store shopping is limited for customers to purchase products at the local places. Depending on the store size, selection may be limited. Considering the different locations of products, the consumers should pay the different consumption tax according to the location where the products are sold. While, if consumers shop in stores, they only need pay the local consumption tax. For some customers, this is also a big difference between online shopping and store shopping.

Further research questions

In order to find out how to shop online and shop in stores more successfully, I want to develop and state some research questions for further study. For example, what kind people like to shop online and what kind of people like to shop in real stores? What categories of products are sold well online in the last few years? Are the young people like to shop online more than the old? Furthermore, I will make a research among the consumers about their suggestions of online shopping and store shopping. I think this will be more interesting and helpful for consumers to be more wisely when they are shopping. These research questions about the online shopping and store shopping will be studied in the further research. I hope after the further research, consumers can know what kinds of products are better to shop online and what products are better to purchase in the stores.


After finishing this essay, we can know there are many differences between online shopping and store shopping. The main differences are the price, quality, tax of products. Another important factor is the time when consumers spend on online shopping and store shopping. Some consumers are too busy to shop in stores, so they choose online shopping to save time. While some customers want to save money, so they prefer to shop online. There are various reasons why they choose online shopping or store shopping. Some research questions are need to further study for this topic at the end of the essay.