Before giving the recommendations about marketing strategies of the product, it is necessary to realize about the marketing objectives of the product. The increase of consumers’ criticism of sugar in relaxation drinks is an important opportunity for healthier drinks. It is mentioned in the above part that the marketing objectives of Everyday Sunday is to gain in the market for soft drinks industry in Australia in a few years’ time and provide consumers with an all-natural, low sugar alternative soft drink with a relaxation function. In addition, to increase in size of the company by having world-wide recognition is also an important marketing objective of the company. The recommendations about marketing strategies of the product, which includes the seven Ps strategies, are given in the following part so that the marketing objectives can be achieved.

Marketing mix

The marketing mix is a business tool used in marketing and by marketing professionals. The marketing mix is often crucial when determining a product or brand’s offer (Dave, 1996). The recommendations about marketing strategies of everyday Sunday are based on the Seven Ps of Marketing strategies. In addition, as managers it is crucial to know and evaluate how the customer interacts with the product.


The company should have clearly definition about their product, such as quality, design, features, brand name, size etc. its relaxation drinks called Everyday Sunday which is an all-natural beverage range manufactured in Melbourne.

  • This name of drinks is to make people feel that every day is Sunday. The company after reviewing the ‘relaxation drinks’ segment overseas wanted its product to create a “relaxed and focused state” using “natural” alternatives as the ingredients(Langley, 2013). The carbonated beverage comes in three flavors: Berry Bliss, Citrus Crush and Topical Punch.
  • The key ingredients in the drinks include Passion Flower, Stevia, Rosehip Puree, Valerian and Chamomile extract. These ingredients are some healthier elements to people’s body. Therefore, the product and some related factors are designed well to attract consumers. It is useful to do some researches which aims to find out some important information to change the products to fill their need.


There are many kinds of soft drink exist in the industry in or out Australia, so the price pricing of the product has already been configured to be minimal. The Current cost of Everyday Sunday range is $2.85 which is competitive to bChill and Koala Karma but has less quantity in a can and more of a cost as compared to bChill. In addition, the price to the distributors, retailers and customers is already in a range. However, the proper price still should be made with these products.


When and where, in terms of time and space, is very important for the product to be available to customer.

  • As a soft drink with lower price, the retail outlets, supermarket and hotel are the good places for the consumers to recognize the products quickly. The design of the product is some bold color, which is easy to be seen.
  • After years of repeated battering over the issues of childhood obesity and tooth decay, sugary beverages have suffered an unprecedented backlash (Blanding, 2006). Therefore, it is a right time to make the soft drinks with lower sugar and some healthier ingredients in the drinks, such as Passion Flower, Stevia, Rosehip Puree, Valerian and Chamomile extract.
  • Time of the year is also an issue as summer is a good period for sales as compared to the cold months of winter.
  • The products also can sell online.


The promotion means that how the product will communicate with its consumers. During this communication, the marketer should provide information to different parties about the product. Promotion comprises elements such as: advertising, public relations, sales organization and sales promotion (Dave, 1996). It is mentioned that Rockwell Beverages Company Pty Ltd is a start-up company, which has a minimal budget. As a result, it is impossible for the company to use advertising to promote its products, because it is very costly in the beginning. So the following methods may be available for the product’s promotion.

  • Attend product display centres and exhibitions to promote its products in low cost.
  • Define who your best prospects are, and then determine the best way to reach them. Be as specific as possible.
  • Ensure that retailers are confident to place the goods in their retail outlets, providing incentives to sales representatives, standing out from the crowd, trade catalogues or any step to just enter the outlet.
  • Ensure consumer pull-through: Having a strong consumer marketing campaign particularly in retail outlets as a very short window exists between 12 to 14 weeks to ensure consumers are purchasing the product after which the outlet takes the drinks off the shelves.
  • Export markets need to be exploring cautiously as other countries may duplicate the product and so is essential to stay away from these markets in the short term.
  • Make the free prize something related to the products — it could be a free gift basket of products for the consumers. Bu this method, some of consumers may like to but the product rather than others.
  • Have sales letters to the potential consumers such as the students and young adults. Follow up promptly with a note and a letter that says, “Here is a new product for you to taste and have a refresh’’.
  • Offer a free, no obligation consultation to the potential consumers to let them have a taste of the products. This method is used by many companies to promote their new products to the market.


This is where it all begins, people. It’s very important to find out through research if there are enough people requiring a certain type of products. The impact of the staff in the company cannot be underestimated (Ferrell & Hartline, 2012). So it is necessary to consider the knowledge and skills of the staff and them make them to motivate and invest in supporting the product. The factor of the marketing mix will also have its impact on other elements of the business. However, the people element is very important to regard marketing as an integral part of the product promotion. So it is effective to use people to spread the ideas of product.


The process of how the products are delivered is also an important strategy for the company to consider promoting the products (Ferrell & Hartline, 2012). It is not difficult to image that when you want to buy some products, but you find there is something wrong with the system which you cannot fix it. This is the problem of product process, which will affect the promotion of products deeply.

  • It is important for the company to familiar with how the products are delivered from the makers to consumers.
  • It is also capable of handling the main offer and any possible upsell or downsell offers (Bowman & Gatignon, 2010). The company can build the buyers list of customers at the same time to make sure that the delivery process is available.

Physical presence

Tangible goods can use the physical presence can have people to feel or touch it (Bowman & Gatignon, 2010). The company can use this features of tangible goods to promote Everyday Sunday to consumers. Before they buy the drinks, the company can give an opportunity for consumers to taste the products, at least see or smell it. With these offers, the consumers can buy the product on trust. In the reception area and signage, consumers can be provided to taste the drinks of Everyday Sunday. Therefore, it is a useful way to promote the products to potential customers. As the design of Everyday Sunday is very bold to attract consumers’ attention in public place with its colors, so it is a good method to make the physical presence in some public places to promote the products.

Above are the marketing strategies to promote the soft drinks Australia. However, the marketing strategies should make some changes if the company wants to extend its market into other countries.