Most of us think that the “nature” or the “common sense” is something we just should accept without any questions. They never critical think about the “nature” or the “common sense”. However, this essay will use the critical interrogation, which requires people to intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualize, apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information gathered from observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication. For example, the habit, why our habit should act at this way? Is this born with this way or affected by some elements? The purpose of the critical interrogation is to unpack the real truth of “natural” and “common sense”. In the following part, I will use some theories and examples to illustrate the importance of critical interrogation and how we can use it in our study.

Organization of material

The following examples such as the morality, the habit, the subject and power, are taken from some famous theorists’ articles, which can help us understand the critical interrogation better.
David uses his own article to indicate the critical interrogation of individuals’ habit. He mentioned that habit is formed of deeply internalized schemas, dispositions, and consists of know-how and competence, both mental and corporeal, first gained by individuals during early childhood socialization. Children who grow up in a family of athletes are more likely to improve their sporting abilities, and gain the dispositions and the know-how to appreciate good athletic performance than others who were raised in a family of professional musicians (David, 2002). This illustrate that the habit is formed throng a long time of the individuals not born with them. As Bourdieu indicates that the thoughts of habitus holds that society shapes individuals through socialization, in addition, the very continuity and existence of society depend on the ongoing actions of individuals (David, 2002).

Morality is like the habit of individuals which is not born with the individuals but affected by the environment where they live (Newton, 2000). The morality can manage the people with their mental by the invisible approaches. In addition, it also is the constraint of people for their behaviors, thoughts or manners. This means that all moralities are made and used by human beings throng a long time since the civilization. As we all know, the morality is not always the same, it ranges from society to society and country to country (Newton, 2000). However, have people ever think critically who definite the morality and give it the accurate meaning to these moralities. I believe that no one will ask any questions about why the principles of morality should be this. Children are always told that they should do things in this way rather than that way. However, are these moralities are always right? In this paper, I will give out different ideas of the arguments about if the morality should change with time.

People accept the doctrine without question, believing that was crucial for each one remained in his or her ordained place. For instance, people always believe that advance up the social ladder isn’t a commonly held aspiration during this period in the way that it is today (Jeff, 2002). Jeff points out that only human reason and moral management of the senses can ensure the elevation of the human spirit. Foucault point out that the subject does not come into the world with all its nature and scope encapsulated within itself in embryonic form. This means that the structure of capitalist society reproduces itself. Foucault’s essay, the subject and the power, investigate how it the capitalist society reproduces itself. He mentioned in his article that the subject does not develop according to its own wants, talents or desires, but it exists for the system that needs it. It only public reality is determined for it by the social apparatus that calls it into a certain kind of being.

For most of time, we believe the “natural” or the “common sense” too much, so we seldom think or interrogate it critically. Additionally, this field is not widely studied by the theorists. Therefore, we should focus more on this area to find out more useful theories to guide our actions in daily life. Notably, it is important to remember that ordered rational or logical thought was theorized, but not invented, by Enlightenment philosophy (Jeff, 2002). This is a significant point to indicate that people always need to analyze and evaluate information gathered from observation and reflection from daily life. From these examples, we can see that the significance of critical interrogation for the “natural” and “common sense”. People can analyze and change some of their thoughts over time by collecting and analyzing the related information. For instance, the habit, morality, subject and power are all made by people throng the socialization. So these are can be changed reasonably. Therefore, it is necessary for people to have the critical think when they are confused with the “natural” or the “common sense”.

The above has mentioned about the concept of the critical interrogation and the purpose of it. Additionally, I think that the theories of humanism and post structuralism can help people to unpack the real truth of the “natural” and “common sense”. Some theorists has used their own approaches to study the morality, habit, subject and power so that they can unpack the real truth of the “natural” and “common sense”. I believe these examples can make the readers realize better about the critical interrogation. Furthermore, the critical interrogation can help the theorist discover more truth, which can benefit both for the society and individuals. Therefore, it is significant for people to study more about the critical interrogation.